Your destination: The Adelaide Fringe Festival

The week leading up to the maiden voyage of the clinic was… Let’s say, muscle building and brain breaking.
My shoulders had grown somewhat closer to my ears in what seemed like the mad dash to the finish line, which when you really look at it, was actually the starting line.Between teaching circus, days of 5 min shiatsu treatments in 3 hour blocks, training, gear collection, insurance quotes and truck building I strangely had to find time to eat, sleep and walk my gorgeous three legged dog.I admit, I’m blessed with an incredible friend, Pete, who took the time from his own work to complete as much as possible in the truck.
The night before the trip to Adelaide, I was surprised to return home to a truck that now seemed less like a truck and more like a home.
Fitted with carpet, a vent, a fan, windows and electricity.

This was the beginning!
Its was beautiful to see everything come together.
Especially when the plan that comes into existence, seems more like a collection of vague dreams than an actual goal you set out to do.

A late start on the Friday had us packed with all the circus gear to be delivered in Adelaide and ready to see just how well the truck travels.

The first realisation: Tsubo (the truck), is really, really slow.
I feel almost like renaming it to something more appropriate: turtle, tortoise, 3 toed sloth…
This I am sure, will be a bonus when it’s time to travel around the country, with no specific destination in mind, but we had a mission!
Some climbing in Arapiles and then onward to Adelaide to deliver the circus gear for the show!

Life is a whole lot different when you’re traveling much slower than everyone else.
Perched up in our cab, we were watching the world zoom by us.
Stuck in our mild 80km/hr speed limit, you could almost be right in thinking everyone had some sort of emergency to attend to.

A spot of climbing in Arapiles gave us a night living inside.
The second realisation: Nick and I have decided that Tsubo is awesome and life on the road is going to be wonderful.

For now, this appears to be my last season of circus life.
Left opens at the Adelaide Fringe Festival on Tuesday 3rd March.
We’re open for the next two weeks in the Lotus Palace at Gluttony.
If you’re around come see a show or two.

Or, get in touch and treat yourself to some Shiatsu in the clinic!
You might just be the first!