Bitter Sweets

Leaving the Northern Rivers area reminds me of a time when I was young, and as a lot of young people do, we cherish the sugary sweet flavours of lollies and candies.

I’m not sure if everyone has tried the infamous lolly called a Warhead. For kids its like talking a drive through another dimension where your cheeks pucker while you brain melts leaving you with a keen grasp on all of your senses and enough energy to create a new universe.

The first round with a Warhead lolly is the absolute sourness that sucks the oxygen from every cell in your face and just when you think you can’t take it anymore, that you might just form a blackhole and suck your immediate world through, the lolly changes gears and drops you soothingly into a river of watery sweetness.

As with the sour and sweet flavours its quite the uplifting experience.

This is how I feel about the Byron area. In both being there and in leaving it.

I’m guaranteed to experience truth, love and community when I am there. I feel as though I am filled up with all the precious reserves that I need, stores for the Winter of its absence. My friends, the energy of the environment, the land and the ocean all there filling me with abundance, in ready for a departure, other adventures, journeys.

Leaving is like ripping off a bandaid, like sucking on that lolly. The feeling of sharpness comes and is swiftly followed by a sense of fresh air. As if the experience was happening all at once. It hurts a little but feels amazing.

As I drive away I can do naught but smile. My proverbial bags are full to the brim and I’m shining very bright.


Health via the Heart
So after a much delayed departure from Byron, I arrived in the gorgeous little town of Bellingen.

I felt as though I needed to see this quaint little town. It had been mentioned to me over and over again in relation to Shiatsu. One particular person was repeatedly recommended to me. So I went on a mission to find this person.

What I found was a source of alternative thinking. Living up to this ideal, Bellingen was originally intended to exist further down the river where Urunga is located today, it’s alternative situation lies now by the north arm of the Bellingen river and despite its argricultural beginnings it has grown about itself in waves of colour and progressive thinking.

Searching around town for a person I know only of as an amazing Shiatsu therapist, I stumbled upon Anam Cara. Renovated within the walls of the McNally house, being almost as old as the town itself, the house has been transformed into a healing space for people to come for meditation, yoga and health.

As I entered, a chalkboard donning a heart caressed by the words “Pay what you feel” gave me a sense of joy. This concept has been flowing around my head since I began The Mobile Shiatsu Clinic. Many had advised me against the idea, time and practicality bore down its roots as I learned the economic nature of living life my way.

A sense of respectful quiet filled the rooms. Symbols adorn the floor at the entrance of every doorway. Lots of thought has been given here. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Matt Sincock. An acupuncturist, Shiatsu therapist, Massage therapist, lecturer for the Aust. Institue of Applied Sciences and First aid Instructor. Whilst talking with Matt, I could feel a lifetime so far, of thought and passion for healing. Matt also runs the Bellingen Community Acupuncture and Shiatsu Clinic, giving everyone a space for healing and connection.

My time meeting Matt and Bellingen was brief. It was well worth the time treading the streets and watching the starlights dance in energetic plumes around the bridge over the river at dusk.

Newcastle was calling however.

 So here I am, filled and fullfilled. And oh so excited by the future. This Fire Monkey is certainly exhilarating. I look forward to where it propells us.
To find the Clinic, look no further than Newcastle for the next month or two.

Much love, health and Happiness.