2016 has been quite the interesting year.

Its seen me take new directions with the clinic by setting out on my own, take an alternate avenue with collaborating on other people’s creative adventures, I’ve gotten back on stage to share some of my most personal experiences, built, painted and volunteered on the Townsville Cultural Festival¬† and detoured via an operating room for surgery on my hand which was my first time on the table!

I still have a handful of festivals to attend this year, one of which is called The Gathering on Stradbroke Island. The Gathering has a key emphasis on connection to country and celebrating culture. I feel blessed to have been asked to attend this festival. It is with out a doubt the type of festival that I would like The Mobile Shiatsu Clinic to frequent more often.

2017 is also shaping up to be just as exciting. Kicking it off with NewKind Festival in Tasmania. NewKind will stand to be one of the most unique festivals I have heard of to date. Set in an altered reality, NewKind will revolve around the scenario of how a community will rebuild after collapse.

This will be followed up with Bulga Beats Festival. Starring The Mobile Shiatsu Clinic as the poster child for the theme: Gypsy. Bulga Beats has a strong emphasis on community and art with a firm belief that festivals play a key role in helping to shape society. [check out the video we made below]

Beyond this, I am sure more wonderful adventures will appear along the way, time will tell what lays ahead for The Mobile Shiatsu Clinic and I, stay tuned!