A Shiatsu Treatment

If you’ve never had Shiatsu before, you may be wondering what happens in a treatment.

A full treatment (90mins) begins with the practitioner spending a portion of time formulating a diagnosis. By diagnosis the practitioner can determine the treatment.

Diagnosis will involve lifestyle questions like diet, sleep, energy, emotions, location of pain, if any etc and will often include taking the pulse and a quick glance at the tongue.

From the diagnosis the treatment is planned and the client will be asked to lay down on a futon or table. There is usually no use of oils during this body work, treatments are conducted with the client fully clothed.

The abdominal area is referred to as the Hara in Chinese medicine. This is where all the organs of the body can be felt. The Hara is gently palpitated as an extra diagnostic tool and/or to confirm the planned treatment.

A treatment often feels like a dynamic massage. Body work often incorporates the use of acupressure points, stretches, percussion and pressure. These help to relieve areas where the Qi may be stuck, or bring Qi to areas which are not flowing smoothly.

Depending on the treatment the use of cups or moxibustion may be used.

Cups are used to remove cold or heat from the body by creating a vacuum on the skin using specific glass cups.

Moxibustion is the use of artemisia vulgaris or commonly known as mugwort. Sticks or cones may be used. These are lit to create a warm sensation that helps to attract or dispel Qi in a range of different disorders.

Shorter treatments will often still include a portion of the diagnosis, but dependant on the time chosen will depend upon the depth taken to determine the cause.

Treatments of 15, 20, 30 and 45 mins are effective for temporary relief.

60 min or a 90 min full treatment are recommended if the client is looking for Qi maintenance and/or to bring the body back into balance for a natural healing, bringing about health and happiness.

Depending on the needs of the client, it may be useful to have regular treatments until the body has regained its natural balance and healing becomes uninhibited.