Colliding of the Circle

(This post focuses on a recent personal experience of healing. Its an unusual aside from previous blogs) I often like to think of Life like a spiral. We spiral up, down, side to side. We spiral on all the axis: x,y,z, and k,l,m,n,o,p. We spiral in all directions. Where we spiral all depends on the […]


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Bitter Sweets

…its like talking a drive through another dimension where your cheeks pucker while you brain melts leaving you with a keen grasp on all of your senses and enough energy to create a new universe.

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I watched the moon rise Followed by the sun Over the nurturing tide of the ocean vast. I sweep my love and gratitude Across the planet To each and every creature And hope that they find just a moment To truly know this feeling And with that moment may it ripple in waves out to […]

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Knee Deep

After I was ushered into his private study, we knelt on cushions and bowed our mutual respect. He out of courtesy and I out of awe. For a long time he looked at me and into me.
Very deliberately he shifted his weight to one knee and just as deliberately reached for his backside and scratched himself in that way and in that place your mother told you was a no-no in public.

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