What Is Shiatsu?

“The theory behind diagnosis and treatment in Shiatsu relate directly to the ancient philosophical concepts regarding the nature of existence, which have formed the basis for science, art, politics and religion in China for over two thousand years. The cycles of the seasons, the influence of the Heavenly bodies on the Earth, and ultimately the intricate relationship between all natural events and their influence on human life within the human body and mind were observed and studied.” -http://www.shiatsuplace.net

Shiatsu is a form of dynamic bodywork.
The Japanese word ‘Shiatsu’ means finger pressure.
It is has its roots based in traditional Chinese medicine and is used to promote health and well-being by reinforcing or re-establishing the natural harmony of the body.
Using the theory of Qi, Shiatsu brings an holistic view to healing the Body, Mind and Spirit.
A powerful modality for relaxation, Shiatsu works with the organs meridians and acupoints aiding the body’s ability to heal itself.

Cupping, moxibustion and stretches may also be used to assist the free flow of Qi thus stimulating the immune system to help protect against dis-ease.

Shiatsu is for every body.

Joya (creator of The Mobile Shiatsu Clinic) has a unique and versatile approach to healing which combines several modalities together.
Her knowledge of Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine is complimented by her understanding of Acutonics® Sound Therapy and Moxibustion.

An ex flying trapeze artist it has been through her own experience that Joya brings an understanding of the connection between Body and Mind to deliver a dynamic treatment to reconnect, heal and ground.

 The Mobile Shiatsu Clinic is a moving centre of Peace and re-connection to Nature and all. It also doubles as Joya’s Home.

The Solstice Space is based in Hamilton and provides a Yin (non mobile) space servicing the Newcastle area.

Visit the website for information on The Solstice Space.